About Us

Real Estate Specialists Negotiators in:

  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Retail
  • Residential
  • Specialised Properties
  • Property Sydication

Who we are?

Masingita Property Services was established by our chairman, visionary Mike Nkuna, as a holistic black owned and reputable multi-faceted property service provider, creating a new paradigm in the industry. Masingita Property Services is this full spectrum property service resource which embraces innovation, whilst enforcing transparency and upholding integrity. At its core, Masingita Property Services (MPS) is an evolving, truly South African property service company that is extending its reach across Africa, introducing to the continent what we believe to be crucial to any and every property transaction; operating in the best interest of the customer while simultaneously providing unparalleled service.

About Us

Masingita Property Services was created to meet the needs of both buyers and sellers seeking a cutting edge system that would put the client’s needs first. MPS prides itself on providing professional advice, guidance, and expert knowledge with regards to residential, commercial and industrial properties.

We provide the following specialized service options:
– Private treaty sales
– Auctions – multi-property; closed boardroom & onsite auctions
– Online tenders & online property auctions
– Leasing
– Valuations

Our team of specialists is diverse and range from those who have over 60 years of experience in the property field, to the most extraordinary contemporary agents, all of whom are bent on achieving the most advantageous outcome for clients.


To be the number one property services brokerage in the country.

Our Mission

To provide unparalleled, innovative, unique tailor-made property services, exceeding customer expectations at every opportunity.

Our Core Values

– Integrity
– Dedication
– Transparency
– Service Excellence
– Personalised Attention

Our Purpose

To provide the efficient and effective transferal of real estate assets. We appreciate time is valuable and have therefore developed unique methodology of expediting sales at short notice in the most cost effective and productive manner. From intelligent custom-marketing to simplified sales agreements, everything at MPS is designed for fast, proficient and impressive results. MPS is a subsidiary of the Masingita group of companies.

Masingita Group of Companies

MGC’s core businesses are property development, property management, facilities management and construction. The company has primarily targeted large retail property developments in township and rural areas, whilst most recently diversifying its base to include upmarket residential developments.
For further information on the Masingita group, visit: http://www.masingitagc.co.za/

All the strategy, planning and expertise come together with our custom-designed marketing campaigns for all of our properties on auction. Masingita creates unique promotional drives based on the merits and strengths of each individual property. Our campaigns achieve maximum and vast exposure whilst aiming at specific target markets. Masingita. astutely makes use of the following marketing methodologies for properties on auction:


There are currently over 5 million internet users in South Africa and this figure is set to double by 2014. Masingita. capitalizes on the internet effectively to reach consumers from across the country and even the globe.

At least 3 weeks prior to the auction, the property information pack is loaded onto our website where prospective purchasers can browse the key features of the property, ask questions and request to set up viewings.

Our online marketing campaigns make use of search engine optimization (SEO), affiliate website listings, Google ‘adwords’ and social media management. With the technology we have at our disposal we are able to target each specific segment of the market. This precision allows us to maximize the effectiveness of the campaign while maximizing on the vast ethereal reach of technology.

Masingita. will place your property on Google’s front page and use all available tools in the web medium to expose, promote, market and advertise your property.

Print Media

Masingita Property Services was founded to meet the needs of both buyers and sellers seeking a cutting edge system that would put the client’s needs first. MPS prides itself on providing professional advice, guidance, sales and care with regards to residential, commercial and industrial properties.

Advertising Boards

MPS captures the public’s attention with large boards placed outside the property. Boards are strategically positioned to provide maximum exposure. The boards display details such as; key features, web reference information and the date, time and place of the auction. This serves as an ideal ‘brand awareness’ strategy that is specific to your property.

Street Posters

Street posters will be strategically positioned in and around the area of the property, at main roads and intersections (where permissible by local authority) as well as specific suburb and CBD hotspots. The posters act are alluring, enticing passersby to inquire further.

Property Guide

Comprehensive information packs are assembled by our highly-trained admin team and are made available to prospective purchasers. This document forms part of the client’s due diligence and thus we include as much information as possible. The property guide consists of high resolution photography, relevant insight and in-depth property information.

Network Marketing

When listing your property with MPS. you instantly tap into our exclusive and expansive network that extends across Southern Africa. Our network consists of property professionals, JSE listed funds, major banks and private individuals.


MPS is constantly feeding new buyers details into our ever-growing database .Using state of the art management information systems, we are able to match buyer and seller with precision and success.

Pamphlets and Personal Invitations

High quality promotional pamphlets will be circulated in and around the areas surrounding the properties on auction. Pamphlets are distributed to neighboring residential homes, corporate, businesses, schools and sports grounds.

Research has indicated that many potential buyers reside within close proximity of the property being sold. Personal invitations are hand-delivered to neighboring properties and businesses in the area. This adds a ‘personal touch’ to a growing market of potential buyers for your property.

Our full spectrum property services company affords you the luxury and guidance by some of the most skilled experts in the field.


MPS will give you an honest and credible assessment of your asset, and we undertake the transaction with the greatest attention to detail, from inspection through transfer. We handle everything from valuation to marketing while ensuring that your needs always come first.

We will help you establish whether private sale, auction or other sales method is best for you and then assist you with your sale whichever your choice.

Should auction be in your best interest, we will partner with you and explain the benefits to you, the process and the anticipated outcome.


A service partnership with MPS will give you unprecedented opportunity to make sound, wise and effective property purchases whether yourself, your business or for investment. We will direct you to the best prospects and assist you in every step of the process, from buying a tiny apartment right up to the purchase of massive industrial warehouses or shopping centre. We will handle the full due-diligence for the asset and make sure that you have ample time and knowledge to make an informed decision when purchasing.

Why Auction Property?

Auction as an Option

Despite its stigma, auction is an incredible opportunity for both the buyer and the seller and the advantages of the auction system are proven to be favourable to both parties as is evidenced by its use in sophisticated global economies from the UK and USA to Australia. In South Africa, most of the major financial institutions and listed property funds have successfully made use of the auction platform for disposing of their non-core or distressed assets.

Seller’s Benefits

  • A fast orderly sale – All sales are a cash sale. No suspensive or due diligence clause.
  • Pin-point, target market campaigns utilizing the most effective forms of print and digital media maximize the exposure of your property to the market.
  • Instant money – a deposit is paid within 24 hours of your acceptance with guarantees for the balance within 21days of signature by all parties.
  • Your property is sold as it stands, so no comebacks.
  • Total transparency – no hidden clauses or trip wires in our contract.
  • Real purchasing power – an auction brings out real buyers, no day-trippers “just looking”, or the simply curious.
  • Security – no strangers walking through your property on endless show days.
  • Bond holder benefits – Masingita Property Services will negotiate with your bond holder for the best settlement deal.

Buyer’s Benefits

  • Expert Appraisal Valuation – You know with certainty that the properties Masingita Property Services takes to auction have been accurately and fairly valued.
  • Speed – The transaction is quick, efficient and simple with a 3 or 7 day confirmation period.
  • Clarity – Before you bid, you inspect the property thoroughly.
  • Transparency – All transactions are transparent. Bidding is in the open, terms and conditions are provided for your scrutiny beforehand and on the day of the auction.
  • Convenience – Once your bid is accepted and confirmed by the seller, that’s it, the property is yours.
  • Serious sellers – Once the property is on auction, there’s no last minute changes, haggling on price or any other terms.
  • You control your price. Should the bidding exceed your set limit, you simply stop and move on.
  • Win/win – You have nothing to lose. The deposit you put down as a potential buyer is refundable in total should your offer be rejected.